Sacred Macaw Feather Wand


Sacred Macaw Feather Wand


 Macaw Medicine

A Bridge between Heaven + Earth

Trusting the Inner Voice

Guidance in Wisdom

Sharp Vision + Spirit Perception

Activates: Throat Chakra

Ally for: Expression + Communication

Enhances: Creativity + Inspiration

:: Mantra ::

"The time is now to show off my bold colors and step into my highest power.

I embrace the beauty and unique gifts I bring into this world."

:: About ::

Each wand is hand made and one of a kind.

Due to the limited + sustainable sourcing of these materials these wands are offered seasonally when enough feathers have been gathered.

Macaw feathers are sourced from cage-free happy birds who have naturally shed their feathers & gifted us with their medicine.

Feathers are cleansed, sterilized, and prayed over before use.

All suede and leather is sourced from fabric scraps considered to be waste by the garment district in NYC.