Sacred Smoke Bundle


Sacred Smoke Bundle


Burning sacred herbs is a deeply grounding + transformative practice.

The sacred smoke shifts the energy and our consciousness to sacred space.

These herbs serve as a bridge, connecting us to self, spirit, and our ancestors. 

Made of White Sage, Sweetgrass, Lavender, & Rose.


White Sage - The ultimate healer - grounding + uplifting, purifying + cleansing of the body, aura, energy, & space, awakens the soul and brings you to a place of devotion. 

Sweetgrass - The essence of the feminine, the "Sacred Hair of Mother Earth" she brings in happiness, comfort, love, warmth, intimacy, and sweetness

Lavender - A calming + peaceful energy, heart-opening + self-loving.

Rose - Love, love, love. Courage, intimacy, comfort.

5-6" long

:: Origin of herbs ::

White Sage - Organic + farm grown in Southern California. This is very important to note as White Sage is now on the "to watch" list for endangered plants as it is currently being over-harvested.

Sweetgrass - sourced from First Nation's families in Sask, Canada and well as the Cree Nation in Manitoba, Canada.

Lavender - from Lavender By The Bay, a farm in East Marion, NY.

Roses - locally sourced. 

Each bundle is made to order with great soul & intention of you.

:: How To Smudge ::

Smudging is a personal ritual which belongs to you. There is no wrong way to do it. Here are just some suggestions of how to begin your journey, but listen to the plants, they will guide you...

Sit in a comfortable seated position in your sacred space, the place you feel most safe. Light a piece at the top of your bundle and sit with your eyes closed, holding the herbs at your heart center. Breathe in the sacred scent of these healing herbs, calm the mind, just be. Call in the plant spirits of White Sage, Lavender, Sweetgrass, and Rose - introduce yourself and speak a request/intention from the heart to receive their medicine. When you are ready, stand (or remain sitting) and begin to move the bundle around your body starting at your crown and slowly moving all the way down to your roots and back up again. Eyes closed or open, it is up to you. Waft the smoke about with the underside of a feather, to bring in the spirit of our winged ones and to strengthen the element of air. When smudging your self, waft the smoke towards you. Set intentions, speak your prayers, call onto your ancestors, create your sacred space however feels good. If you can, leave a door or window open - allowing the smoke to float outwards and up! The smoke represents prayer going out into the universe & up to the cosmos to manifest.

Do this same ritual when cleansing your space or home - starting at the front door and working sunwise (clockwise) throughout your home until you end back at the beginning. When I smudge my space I like to set different intentions for different parts of my house. For example, in my studio I want to rid self-doubt, negativity, and stress and welcome in inspiration, creativity, and motivation - in my room I want to rid negativity from bad dreams & stress from the day and welcome in love & calmness.

After, place your bundle in an Abalone Shell or ceramic dish. Allow it to go out on its own, or you can smoosh out the flame.