Snake Skin *PRE-ORDER*


Snake Skin *PRE-ORDER*

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S n a k e S k i n

a medicinal plant body scrub to be used during times of letting go, new chapters, and transformation.

New + Full Moons / Equinox / Solstice / & Anytime you are feeling a shift and ready to shed a layer of your skin.

Like a snake - creating a safe + sacred space in your shower or outside with the Earth to physically shed your old skin by scrubbing your being with plant allies that aid in transformation, shedding layers, and regeneration.

Snake Skin came to me in a dream, a sweet whisper from the plants, and as I woke I knew everything this medicine would be. All of the plants in Snake Skin were chosen from meditations with the plants and personal experiences in receiving deep transformation from them.

Plant Spirits of old and guiding wise women + men, serpents, and allies.

Angelica :: that came to me in mediation as a serpent to aid in deep transformation. Angelica activates the body so it is able to transform.

Cacao :: the most beautiful transformer, alchemist, shapeshifter, and guide that has completely transformed my life and many others.

Kava :: that is softening, moves stagnation, and brings you to a place of receiving.

Ginger :: that is cleansing + connecting to self and opens all channels to better be able to pull in manifestations and shed away anything that needs to be transformed.

Calendula/Nettle/Comfrey infused Olive Oil :: that are cell regenerators, regenerates tissue, heals external wounds, and helps us grow new roots.

White Sage :: that is clearing & reminds you what is important.

Linden Flower :: old + wise woman. relaxes tissues, the heart, & tension in the body. increases circulation, hydrates.

Green Clay from the Earth :: detoxifies the body and allows dead skin to shed.

Salt from the Sea + Sunflower Oil.



Create sacred space in your shower or outside with the earth. Wet your body and use Snake Skin as an herbal body scrub. Use gently. Cover your entire being with the medicine then sit or stand with your eyes closed, covered in the plants, and take a few deep breaths. State your intention of the layers of yourself you’d like to shed, to let go of, to transform. When you’re ready, rise off lovingly. Feel your beautiful new skin beaming with life!