Snake Skin


Snake Skin

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:: S N A K E S K I N ::

A medicinal herbal body scrub to physically + energetically shed old layers of yourself that no longer serve you on your path of growth.

May this Snake Skin bring the healing + transformative spirit of the snake. May it serve as an ally through times of letting go, new chapters, change, and transformation. Allow these plants to activate the body, clear + cleanse, move stagnation, heal wounds, relax tension, guide you back to your self + your purpose, and regenerate your being.

New + Full Moons / Equinox / Solstice / Anytime you are feeling a shift.

Snake Skin came to me in a dream, a sweet whisper from the plants, and as I woke I knew everything this medicine would be. All of the allies in Snake Skin were chosen from meditations with the plants and personal experiences in receiving deep transformation from them.

:: I N G R E D I E N T S ::

Angelica :: that came to me in mediation as a serpent to aid in deep transformation. Angelica activates the body so it is able to transform. She balances + softens the skin, deeply clears + cleanses, and calms stress.

Cacao :: the most beautiful transformer, alchemist, shapeshifter, and guide that has completely transformed my life and many others. cacao is strong Goddess Grandmother medicine. She brings to light what you need to see and guides you on how to get there. Externally she deeply exfoliates, allowing your body to shed its dead skin cells and bring hydration, brightness, and new life to the skin. She is deeply cleansing, increasing circulation that helps to promote the flow of excess fluids out of the body. She is very protective.

Kava :: that is softening, moves stagnation, and brings you to a place of receiving. an ally for deep relaxation. kava relieves tension and anxiety, soothes aching muscles and pain, and provides an overall comfort. kava allows you to settle into your body and feel comfortable in your beautiful skin. 

Ginger :: that is cleansing + connecting to self and opens all channels to better be able to pull in manifestations and shed away anything that needs to be transformed. ginger evens skin tone, reduces hypo-pigmented scars, improves elasticity, and increases circulation - all leaving your skin with a radiant glow of nourishment and new life.

Calendula :: vibrant sunchild calendula, who encourages you to shine your inner light bright and proud and unapologetically. she is extremely healing, gentle, and soothing. a healer to wounds + scars, increasing blood flow to the skin cells, allowing your skin to be smooth & glow. anti-inflammatory + anti-septic.

Nettle :: a vitamin & mineral rich healer that penetrate into the skin to nourish and transform. nettle eases stiffness, skin irritations, and soothes the skin.

Comfrey :: the ultimate regenerator and healer. comfrey helps stimulate tissue regeneration, heals wounds, treats scars, promotes new skin cell growth, and helps maintain healthy skin. comfrey clears old, dry, flaky skin and brings new life.

White Sage :: deeply clearing, protective, purifying, and anti-bacterial. white sage, the chief, who truly clears your aura and body for a new chapter.

Green Clay from the Earth :: that is so incredibly cleansing & healing - pulls bacteria + toxins from the body, absorbs excess oils, and exfoliates dead skin cells to shed away. also known as sea clay, this magic piece of mother earths body is deeply healing and rejuvenating, rich in minerals that nourish the body deeply (magnesium, silica, copper, zinc, calcium, phosphorus). by lathering your body with her body, may you feel connected.

Olive Oil :: the ancient oil of the olives. this oil provides a rich refresh to the skin. this oil is able to penetrate deep into the skin providing moisture and cleansing without clogging. contains Vitamins A, D, E, and K - nourishing, healing, repairing, and restoring to the skin. rich antioxidants. strong anti-inflammatory.  

Sunflower Oil :: oil of the beautiful golden sunflowers. this oil contains more Vitamin E than any other oil and is rich in Vitamin A - these vitamins brings deep healing, moisturizing, and cleansing properties - helping to regenerate damaged skin cells, clear and protect the skin of bacteria, and treat dry skin. 

Salt from the Sea :: mother oceans healing salt. it balances, protects, & restores. rich in minerals that hydrate, calm irritations, balance oils, absorbs toxins + dirt, cleanse pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and restore your protective barrier.



Create sacred space in your shower or outside with earth + water. Wet your body and cover your body with Snake Skin. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, feel the plants infusing into you. When you are ready, state out loud all you with to let go of, shed, and transform. Gently scrub it all away and lovingly rinse. Thank the plants for their medicine. And it is done! Feel your new being beaming with life.

:: C A R E ::

Store in a cool dark place. Avoid allowing large amounts of water to enter the jar to avoid molding.