meraki NOMAD

Meraki Nomad brings together the Native tradition of turning to Mother Earth for healing & providing. Each piece is made by hand &  is sourced from our Earth Mother; whether it be the Sacred Offerings made by Adrienne, The Market goods from journey's around the world, or The Gathering collective of brother & sister artisans. Every single offering has a story, an intention, a purpose, a soul, and a spirit coming from Mother Earth & the artisan who made it.


Mother Earth is her home. Wherever she goes, she feels a sense of connection through the essence of the natural beauties that surround her. With a Native American background and an old nomadic soul, Adrienne Fisher is constantly inspired by the cultures who started it all by hand. She has a deep appreciation for the Sacred Arts - things created with meaning, with soul, with passion - and she expresses that into her work.