meraki NOMAD

Meraki Nomad is a marketplace dedicated to the traditional way of life living with + through Mother Earth. Each offering is made by hand &  sourced from the natural world that surrounds us for healing, ritual, sacred space, and everyday life. Whether it be the Sacred Offerings made by Adrienne or The Market goods made by artisans around the world, each piece has a story, an intention, a purpose, a soul, and a spirit making it one of a kind and full of love.


Adrienne Fisher

Mother Earth is her home. Wherever she goes she feels a sense of connection through the loving energy of the plant world that surrounds her.  With a grounded energy she moves nomadically about, constantly inspired by the ancient traditions of creating things by hand with what earth has to offer. Her biggest goal is to inspire and to be inspired, to work communally with brothers + sisters around the world, and to help show others how to heal, nourish, and connect with Mother Earth.