White Sage Leaf Pouch

White Sage Leaf Pouch


4 oz. pouch of loose, farm-grown, organic white sage leaves.

… because all you need is a leaf.


one leaf of White Sage is so powerful - it omits a large amount of smoke and brings such deep connection and clearing. it is simple, nourishing, and healing. you don’t need a whole bundle to experience white sage’s power.

White Sage

Ancient plant spirit that deeply pulls you into a sacred space of connection while purifying the body, aura, energy, and space.

Organic + farm grown in Southern California - this is very important to note as White Sage is now on the "to watch" list for endangered plants as it is currently being over-harvested.

Invitation for use

It is important that we use White Sage in deep respect, remembrance, and reverence for the Native’s that shared with us the healings of this plant, as well as for the land. Before burning - hold a leaf at your heart. Connect, breathe in the scent, introduce yourself. Give deep thanks from the heart and a prayer for its healing. When you feel ready, burn and feel how much more potent your connection is - together in a commune of respect and love.

thank you.

pouch is 5” x 7” filled with loose white sage leaves.

20% of the proceeds go to the United Plant Savers Organization