Plant Spirit Eye Pillows

Plant Spirit Eye Pillows


Egyptian Blue Lotus ✺ Hawthorn Flower ✺ Lavender ✺ Buckwheat

for meditation, dreaming, shamanic journeying, and beyond ….

Handmade in collaboration by Eagle Eye Healing.


Egyptian Blue Lotus ✺  plugs us into the source of consciousness, connecting us to cosmic womb of the goddess. She is a crown + 3rd eye opener, allowing us to journey into the depths of healing.

Hawthorn Flower ✺ a dreamy gateway plant that can bring us into other realms. A wonderful meditation & dreaming ally.

Lavender ✺ is a beautiful + light dreaming ally that deepens us into relaxation & peace. 

each plant was specially picked for these pillows through personal experience + meditation with these plant spirits.

May they bring magic to you.