Cree Nation Sweetgrass Braid + Feather

Cree Nation Sweetgrass Braid + Feather

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Beautiful Sweetgrass, know as the "Sacred Hair of Mother Earth" by indigenous peoples.

Sweetgrass is the essence of the feminine, she brings in happiness, comfort, love, warmth, intimacy, and sweetness.

Braided into 3 parts - as a while representing Unity, as each strand alone is not as strong as when braided together - & the 3 parts representing kindness, honesty, and love.

Her scent is sweet + earthy. 

Around 33" long.

Burning sacred herbs is a deeply grounding + transformative practice.

The sacred smoke shifts the energy and our consciousness to sacred space.

These herbs serve as a bridge, connecting us to self, spirit, and our ancestors. 

:: Origin ::

Sweetgrass - Sourced from First Nation's families in Sask, Canada and well as the Cree Nation in Manitoba, Canada. Harvested in deep relationship and respect to their land - never harvested from the root - and only picked at the right time of year.

Fair-trade always.

Guinea feathers - come from a sweet lady named Zeni who lives on a ranch in Texas. She collects the feathers from her birds as they shed them naturally in her yard. Cruelty-free!