Meraki Nomad is a plant spirit, artisan apothecary offering organic, small batch medicines + tools to assist in deepening a connection with oneself and with Mother Earth. Meraki means to put something of yourself into your work, your heart + soul. This is the essence of Meraki Nomad, and all that is offered with authenticity + intention + love. Each plant medicine is handmade in sacred space + ceremonial communion, rooted in folk herbalism + the Wise Woman tradition of healing. All of the ingredients, plants, tools, adornments, and packaging are carefully sourced with sustainability, respect, and quality in heart + mind. 

May these medicines serve as allies for self healing, care, & connection, 

may they bring you joy + pleasure, 

and may they reweave your connection with the heart of Mother Earth.

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adrienne fisher

Adrienne is a Medicine Woman, Plant Spirit Herbalist, Messenger of the Earth, Artist, and Nomad. Mother Earth is her home. Wherever she goes she feels a sense of connection through the loving energy of the plant world that surrounds her. With a butterfly spirit, she moves nomadically about; living on the road, learning, sharing, & growing with the ways of the land. Adrienne is trained in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, Sacred Plant Medicine, Holistic Healing, & Traditional Herbalism. She creates each of her products through meditations with the plants & from personal healing experiences with them, which she then humbly shares with community. Adrienne teaches classes + hold ceremonies throughout the country, with the intention to help others deepen their connection with the plants and share earth wisdom + magic.